Our Projects

Sunday School
Our Sunday School is held every Sunday from 12:30 to 3 pm. We offer Quran, Arabic, Akhlaq, Fiqh and Islamic History classes for children in different age groups.

We use always look for volunteer teachers, teacher aids, and also donors to support our active and educational Sunday School.

To register your child please contact Br. Nooh or send us an email to receive the admission forms. The tuition for the Sunday School is $12 per month which we use to purchase educational materials and snacks for the children.  

We are working on designing a special home page for our Sunday School. We will upload our curriculum, text books and weekly lesson plans for parents. 

Sunday School Page Coming Soon!
Quranic Daycare
We are in the process of starting the "First Quranic Daycare in North America." The theme of all of our activities, lessons and curriculum are Quranic. Our goal is to introduce Quran to our children at a very young age using modern learning theories and best teaching practices. One of the main objectives of this project is to educate young Quranic reciters, memorizers and scholars. We have received the approval from the US Department of Family and Protective Services to start our daycare. Insha'Allah we will be starting admitting children in summer 2010. 

Daycare Page Coming Soon!
Full-Time Shia School
Our vision is to plan and establish a full-time professional Shia School in the city of San Antonio. We have conducted a pilot study for this unique project and have identified challenges that we will face to make this dream come true.

One of the main challenges we face to start this project is financial resources. If you would like to donate to this project or know potential donors or ways to find financial resources please contact us.

This school will be dedicated and named after the Imam of Our Time (AJ).